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2018-01-31 16:33:04
Wright Architecture

There have always been individuals in every field that come along and redefine their industry. Steve Jobs revolutionized the phone industry with the smart phone. Henry Ford launched the transportation industry into a bright future with the Model T. In architecture, the visionary was Frank Lloyd Wright. Born in 1867, Wright became a famous architect for his experimental styles.

By the early 1900s, Wright began to develop “prairie houses” in the suburbs of Chicago. This style typically featured open-floor plans, large overhanging eaves, low-pitch roofs, and frequent use of wood and stone. Prairie style has been considered the “cornerstone of modernism.” During the 1920s, Wright developed a textile concrete block system that he used in both residential and public projects. This system of design would often employ large sections of glass to unify indoor and outdoor space. By the 1930s, Wright had developed a fully matured “organic style.” Some of Wright’s most famous works were created during this period. In total, Wright designed more than 532 structures before his death in 1959.      

Source: http://franklloydwright.org/

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