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2017-10-18 16:38:49
The Multi Purpose Room

There’s that one room in every home that doesn’t have an obvious function. The kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms are all easy to identify. The dining and living room are usually very centralized. Then there is the room that requires a purpose. Here are 5 ideas to give an extra room a personality of its own.

  1. The Office- No, not the fantastic situational comedy that originally aired on NBC. A common room in many homes contains all the computers and important paperwork.
  2. The Exercise Room- There is no need to purchase extra heavy weight sets to make an exercise room. Yoga and certain types of cross-fit require minimal amounts of equipment.
  3. The Sewing Room- Maybe you don’t sew, but sewing is one of the top hobbies in the United States, right behind family history research. If you live with someone that sews, all of that fabric can take up a lot of space, and a sewing room can be a big motivating factor.
  4. The Theater- It’s fairly common to keep the television in the living room, but a theater room can greatly enhance an at home viewing experience.
  5. The Billiard Room- The classic board game Clue by Hasbro is not the place you can find a billiard room. The idea here, similar to the theater room, is to focus on entertainment. It might feature a pool or ping-pong table.

There is endless option for rooms. Whatever activity or hobby that occupies a significant amount of free time, there can be a specialized room created.

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2017-10-18 16:38:49
The Multi Purpose Room

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